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Anxiety - Addiction - Fear - Panic - Depression Grief & Loss - Trauma (PTSD) - Guilt & Shame

Broken Relationships - Communication Issues

Anger & Frustration - Parenting Challenges

Emotional Disorders - Lack of Validation & Worth

Conflict Resolution - No Self Control

Retirement Adjustment - Spiritual Struggles

We offer a diverse array of counseling options including:

Christian Counseling

Counseling for Marriage and Family

"SYMBIS" and "Prepare & Enrich" Premarital, Marital, Blended Family & Divorce Certified

Teen & Adolescents, College & Career Counseling

Certified Life Coach

Certified CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)

For over 20 years, Dawn LaCosta, D.Min. has been providing counseling services and wellness education to hundreds of clients. She provides supportive and educational modalities to give her clients hope, the tools, the time and the motivation needed to heal. Dawn approaches everyone's treatment on an individual basis- knowing everyone is different emotionally, mentally and spiritually and are coming from different life experiences. 

Contact us at 570-910-0030 or Email:newdawncwc@gmail.com

Counseling sessions run 50 minutes and can be done in office, by phone, FaceTime or Skype from the comfort of

your own home.

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