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February Issue 2011 featured article

New Dawn Counseling & Wellness Center

The comfort of hope, acceptance, love and care is exhibited within the New Dawn Counseling and Wellness Center and is waiting to be delivered to your community. Dawn J. LaCosta, D.Min, Jessica Furino, CCLC Certified Christian Life Coach, and Kelly Seccamanie, Ph.D candidate, are eager to share their combined 50 years of experiences and support with any person in need. Their team is committed to illuminating the beliefs and needs of their clients. Tackling issues of both teens and adults such as marriage and family counseling, health and nutrition, self esteem and life coaching, tutoring, depression and much more, these women are in the business of helping their clients positively live their lives in the best way they can.

When confiding in New Dawn Counseling and Wellness Center, you will get counseling like nowhere else. They are not about band-aidingsociety band-aids; Dawn, Jessi, Kelly and their team work to ensure the best care for their clients by adjusting lifestyles. Kelly specializes in children and adolescent counseling and psychology. She is a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor through N.C.C.A. and has been a school psychologist for over 7 years. Dawn specializes in marriage and family counseling. She is certified in both Crisis Incident Stress Management and as a Prepared and Enrich Pre-marital and Marriage Counselor. Dawn also holds a Master of Divinity degree and Doctor of Ministry in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Christian Bible College and Seminary. Jessica specializes in assisting individuals to accomplish their God given life goals and purposes, child and senior advocacy. She has a diversified background in business, counseling and non-profit community outreach that easily lends itself to coaching, guiding and assisting others in achieving their personal and professional goals. She has a bachelor's degree in business and psychology, an associates of science in nursing, and is a co-author of two inspirational short story books. Leaving behind a successful career in marketing and engineering, she found that her heart belonged to working with people, faith and healing. Dawn, Kelly, and Jessi all have families and promote balanced living by living balanced themselves. Together these women are helping to provide the progressive tools needed to be incorporated within people's daily lives.

Dr. Dawn LaCosta established the counseling and wellness center in 2001, providing clients multiple professionals who can ensure that they have the resources to obtain maximum spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. "Together you will evaluate your personal and unique situation and then prepare goals-make progress-get results- enjoy a life of fulfillment, contentment and peace. We do this by building a relationship with each of our clients, earning their trust, listening to their hearts, asking life changing questions, paying attention to and caring about the little things that matter" Dawn stresses.

What is most unique and effective about their counseling is that they are a team at New Dawn. They have a yearning for comradery and when the common goal is to help others, they can get out of their own way to effectively do so. The women met through church, and as represented through their work, they have been positive and proactive about touching people's lives ever since.

New Dawn Counseling and Wellness Center has already had such a positive impact, however, they are determined to expand their efforts to approach financial, legal, health, etc hardships. They have the vision to further develop what the community already has to offer. For example, counseling in schools has been cut from the budget, and New Dawn can fill that gap. Jessi hopes to work with Somerset Christian College to gain interns and bring young inspiring minds into the field. Some upcoming events the center is conducting include family and children's workshops and New Day Divorce Recovery. New Day Divorce Recovery is a spin off of their previous Fresh Start Program which will be available for women and children.

Dawn, Jessi, Kelly and their team's passion is reflected in the personal attention that is given to clients. With the power of hope, health and healing, they are getting people back to who they truly are and giving them the opportunity to grow and blossom from where each individual is planted. At New Dawn Counseling and Wellness Center these three women and their team invite you to experience life as a gift because it is important to make the most of it and to write your own definition. February Issue 2011

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