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What people are saying about us

"The level of service at Counseling & Wellness Center, LLC. is fantastic. Having been a counselee for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the counselors I have come in contact with. Thank you!"


"In this day and age, its hard to find a company you can trust. Counseling & Wellness Center, LLC. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why the quality of counseling I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!"


"I didn't believe in counseling and initially refused to attend. My husband came on his own for several sessions and I noticed a change in his moods and how he responded to me. So of course I got angrier and more distant yet he still remained consistent. As a result of his actions I began to listen to his words and they were "different" some how. I finally agreed to attend a session in order to "help him" help himself. To my surprise I made the session about me and before I knew it I was unloading so many pent up feelings, emotions, anger and bitterness. After several sessions with just me I feel I can now contribute to our relationship in a positive way as my husband has consistently done since starting therapy. I never dreamed we would have a marriage like we have now! I can't say enough nor give thanks enough! It is truly life changing when you want it bad enough!"


"Our family was a disaster. We all fought daily. No one "liked" each other and cruel things were said and done. I never wanted to come home so I would stay at work late and grab some food at the bar on the way home. With a couple drinks in me I could manage to walk through the door ready for the onslaught of the latest crisis. The house oozed anger and bitterness. In desperation one night when I couldn't sleep I started googling and came across New Dawn Counseling & Wellness Center. The irony was the sun was starting to come up and I thought that was pretty "coincidental" so I jotted the number down and called later from work. I got a session for the next evening and I was there a half hour early, with this crazy feeling of hope. The session went great and the following week I brought our family of five in. Good thing there was a big sectional couch. I will never forget that family session. Each person got a time to speak and we were all instructed to listen and here each person out. I could see each of us getting some validation and that we were allowed to feel what we felt even if no one else agreed with it. That was incredibly freeing and I could see it having the same impact on each of us. We scheduled many more sessions, some just for my wife and I, individual ones for our three children and again as a family. I can't say enough about what this has done to change our majorly dysfunctional family! I come home on time, enjoy dinner with my family, and we communicate. The tools we learned are posted on the refrigerator as reminders. Family contracts were written and signed as to chores, behaviors and consequences. I truly don't think we would still be together had I not googled that early morning. Now we are living a new dawn, a new day!"


"I have suffered with anxiety and an eating disorder (bulimia) for years. I have been to clinics, group therapy and still no relief. As a result I started cutting and was caught by my gym teacher. My parents freaked and sent me to the psych ward in a hospital. Off to another clinic and then out patient therapy. Nothing. My mom's friend's daughter had been to New Dawn Counseling & Wellness Center and recommended we try there as the therapy is very different there. I went honestly to shut my parents up. I had no hope and didn't care any more. I was really surprised to see this big warm couch and living room like office. I was told I could kick back, pull my feet up and relax. The next thing I know I am talking and talking. At the end of the session I was given a journal and a stack of magazines. I was told to go home, and go through the magazines and cut out pictures or titles or words that best described how I was feeling. No one had ever given me that to do! I thought this was pretty cool so I actually did it. By my next session a week later I had filed half the journal with pictures, words, poems, songs. The next few months of weekly sessions were like nothing I experience in clinics, hospitals, anywhere else. I had hope. I stopped cutting. I started to eat healthy and exercise. I lost 20 pounds in a healthy way and liked how I looked for the first time ever at a normal weight for my height. I am ready to leave for college now and am so happy Skype sessions are set up because I don't ever want to slip back to the black hole I was once in. I will probably be in therapy for life but I don't care. I love this and I love me!"

Mary - age 17

My fiancé and I didn't know where to turn for pre-marital counseling. Thankfully a friend told us about Dawn LaCosta and that she was certified in Prepare & Enrich premarital counseling. She returned our call immediately and we saw her two days later. We took the online tests and the next session began the best 8 session covering every topic we could think of. We learned so much about ourselves, how we communicate and some issues that needed attention. I am happy to say we have been married for almost a year now and we have used the tools we learned in those sessions constantly. We even went back for a 6 month "check-up" and were so proud of how well we were applying what we had learned. We can't recommend Dawn or this program more!

Rachel & Tom

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